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Partipant Page Component I

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  • Set up the context for the learning environment 
  • Learn about facilitators and other group members 
  • Identify types of collaborative activities supported by Wikis
  • Generate a list of activities as a reference resource for workshop activities



Task 1: Learn about the facilitators the Web 1.0 way. 


   a. download the quiz or use the hardcopy in your workshop folder

  b. complete the matching exercise (note: first try to guess the answers; then access the facilitator page and check to see if you were correct)


Task 2: From Web 1.0 "static" to Web 2.0 "dynamic, interactive, collaborative"


  a. complete the matching exercise embedded on this page










Task 3: Getting to know YOU!


Take the Poll from PollEverywhere.com.  To access the poll, click on the image below.






Task 4: Wiki Explorations


Open the file attachment and use as a guide as you explore some wiki sites for collaborative and interactive features.

Make note of some that might be useful and beneficial for your teaching. The handout is also included in the Participant Handbook if you prefer to take notes by hand. Each group will present their findings to the others.


Sample Wiki sites:


Assigned to  Wiki Site to Explore 
Wiki Partner Group 1  Wikis4Collaboration, http://wikis4collaboration.wetpaint.com/
Wiki Partner Group 2   Mrs. Meulink's Artroom Wiki, https://magicstone.pbworks.com
Wiki Partner Group 3   HOSA Sugar River Chapter, http://sugarriverhosa.wetpaint.com/
Wiki Partner Group 4   Data Management Course, http://mdm4u1.wetpaint.com/
Wiki Partner Group 5  Oklahoma World War II Wiki, http://okwwii.wetpaint.com/ 
Wiki Partner Group 6  Mrs. Kay's German page, http://kaysgerman.wetpaint.com/ 


Task 5: Discussion: 


What are some ways we can move from what we do in the classroom to an online collaborative learning environment afforded through Wikis? Let's brainstorm based on our discoveries in Component 1.




Wrap Up:  


Now that you have "experienced some interactive and collaborative activities using Wikis, it's time to put your experiences into practice and create your own Wiki site!  We are here to help you every step of the way. 











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